Founding Private Membership Associations & Chiropractic Care (animals too!) that...

Removes Interference in Your Health, Education, Business & Family

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Removing Interference From Your Nervous System, Education, Business & Family Should Not Be A Mystery

Without knowing how your body naturally heals and the protections that have been given to you by God and the American Constitution, it's going to cost you...

- Your freedom of speech

- The right to privacy & protect your family

- Your right to medical freedoms

- The ability to live pain & disease free

- Protection against government overreach

- Natural method of healing without toxic medications & surgeries

You don't have to leave your health up to doctors that don't understand that once interference in the nervous system is removed, the body heals itself.

You don't have to stand by and watch helplessly as more control is imposed. You can take back your freedoms from government overreach and tyranny in a legal, lawful, exciting way by setting up your own Private Membership Association.

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Layne Linebaugh, D.C., PHA is a human and animal chiropractor and certified PMA advisor based in Reno, NV.

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