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2022 Video Link Recap

Can I Advertise?

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God’s Church vs state church
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Why The Scary EIN #? 

Furthermore, under the U.S. federal tax code 26 U.S.C. Section 508(c)(1)(a), "churches, their integrated auxiliaries, and conventions or associations of churches," fall under a "mandatory exception" to the filing requirements that charitable organizations must follow to receive tax-exempt recognition by the IRS and are therefore not required to file form 1023. The mandatory exception of section 508 is recognized and confirmed in the instructions for Form 1023 as well as supported by IRS Publication 557. This publication is quite enlightening, go to page 24 to read the exception reference.

Where Are All the Resources?

Please see the top resources on this page or in the show notes. 

Constitutional Protections – Video #1
To print out and reference the document please visit the knowledge desk link 

To look up case law you may check out the following links
Google Scholar
Case Law
If you know the quoted case (all in this document) you can just do a search in your web browser. 

 Constitutional Protections Video #2

Constitutional Protections Video #3

Constitutional Protections Video #4 

Clarification of Church & FBO Definitions

In this video, I clarify some things regarding Churches and Ministries, Faith Based Organizations and Faith Based Associations.  

What About Political Involvement?

In this video, we look at the difference between using the 501(c)(3) tax code and the 508(c)(1)(a) and restrictions on political activity. We also take a brief look at tax code 501(c)(4). You may find this information at Be aware that as usual, the 508 information is not readily available on the government website. 

2022 Video Link Recap Section #2

What is the Power to Trespass?

If you would like a copy of the Your Power to Trespass Form, please email me @ [email protected]. I'll send one to you.
Liberty First Society

The Status Correction Scam: Why Not?

There's a lot of information floating around, some good and True and some not-so-much. We really want people to have the most information, do their own research and make good decisions. We are not trying to tell anyone what to do, you are grown. Here's the link to the video from KrisAnne Hall, Constitutional Attorney 

 How Do I Handle Donations & Receipts?

There are different types of Donations and receipts 1. Straight donation, cash, check , CC or other form of payment. 2. Product received for the donation (usually not the full amount of the donation but can be). 3. Service received for the donation (usually not the full amount of the donation but can be). If you don't feel confident creating your own receipts, a quick internet search reveals many templates you can download and use. Helpful tax guide for 501(c)(3) - which an unincorporated faith organization mirror. 

Q & A – Live Call # 1

Private vs. Public - Listen to Kris Anne Hall's brilliant talk on these spaces  

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